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Scampton Succulents is a small business concern that branched out of my collection of succulent plants when it out grew my best efforts to keep it contained within my 3 glasshouses. Realising that this could become self-financing in terms of the very high heating costs of maintaining my collection, I began to sell spare plants and seeds in 2003. Until recently my only sales avenue was eBay, but when my auction partner went bankrupt I was forced to look for new avenues etc. This venture is one such avenue.

Here I can sell items that it would either be impracticable or indeed impossible to sell on eBay alongside items that are in my eBay listings. I can offer tailored discounts that suit my customers rather than lining the pockets of the eBay shareholders. As my business grows, so I hope to offer more products including many hard to source items. As ever I look to give my customers best value.
You will no doubt notice that we offer a great deal more than just cacti and succulents, indeed more even than just xerophytes (plants adapted to low water levels) and this is deliberate on our part as we try to offer customers a wide range of unusual seeds. Of course you may wonder what is unusual about cottage garden seeds or some of the tropical or tree seeds - the answer is simple - simplicity - these are seeds that have no possible taint of GMO or are habitat collected making them truly 'pure' species.

This site has many links to information pages, far more than is possible with an eBay store. Feel free to browse these as you may well find the answers to your questions there. All of my instruction and care sheets are uploaded here, making them available 24/7.

I endeavour to answer all questions as quickly as possible and will always try to help wherever I can.

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