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  • Jan 23 2014
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With Spring just around the corner (well in the Northern Hemisphere) its time to start growing seeds. Within our various stores you will find all manner of seeds of various species. On the cultural notes page here you will find the instructions as to how to grow those seeds we sell. The link is on the top of every single shop page here.

Some have asked why we no longer send out written instructions. The reason here is quite simple - cost. Royal Mail now charge banded prices for UK mail and whilst the odd extra sheet does not add much to the overall dimensions of the package, some times there is more paper in an envelope than seeds. For overseas customers this is even more critical as each 20 grams in weight sees the postal cost jump quite a bit.

So to keep the cost of postage reasonable and in check, we publish our instructions here in our shop.

There are other advantages too. You can check before you buy. Less trees get cut down - as we move to as near a paperless system as we can. You cannot lose them, the dog cannot eat them, children cannot use them to draw on, you cannot spill coffee on them (well there's always the keyboard but lets hope that doesn't happen). All of the preceding are reasons we have been asked to re-send instructions - now all you need is the link.

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