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More Aroids

  • Feb 11 2014
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We are now stocking 7 more Aroids, all Arisaema, to go along with the Arisaema speciosum we stocked earlier this year. These are fascinating plants known as Cobra Lily, Dragon Arum, Whip Cord Lily or Jack-in-the-Pulpit. They all have brooding look about them, with flowers in shades of purple and the curious way the spathe bends at the tip, looking like a fanciful striking cobra. They are gernerally hardy plants, with the leaves dying back each season to an underground rhizome. They require a mulch in the manner of Gunnera or Rhubarb to provide frost protection for the buried rhizomes. Alternatively they may be grown in pots, either singly or in groups, and lifted each year once the foliage has gone (to be stored cool and dry).

The rhizomes of these species command prices for a single example many times what you will pay here for a pack of seeds. We are unsure how long these will be available for, suffice to say the collector has already run out of the first species (Arisaema speciosum), so what we have right now, is all we will have for this season.

Pot of ten seedlings of Arisaema consanguinem - showing how they can be pot grown, albeit in a big pot.

Along with the seeds, we have created a very comprehensive care sheet for the species, probably our most detailed one to date. It is in text format, so is completely compatible with both computers and mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets. The link to the intstructions is here.

Five Arisaema speciosum in a terracotta pot of around 40 cm diameter.

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