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New Seeds Arriving Soon

  • Jan 11 2014
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Whilst we always have a flow of new seeds throughout the year - either to replace sold stock or in some cases old stock that needs replacing, it is always exciting to be able to list new species that we either have never listed before or have returned to stock after a long absence.

Next week keep an eye out for Adenia subsessilifolia, a succulent member of the Passion fruit family, grown for the shape of its swollen base (a caudex). Like most members of this genus, it retains the climbing nature of the stems, whilst growing from a narrow caudex. In this species, the stems remain even when not in leaf and are green and succulent. In this respect it grows rather like a Ceropegia.

Cultivated specimen in the Palmengarten, Frankfurt am Main.

Also due in are new (to us) Cacti species including Echinocactus texensis, Opuntia procumbens and Opuntia tomentosa. Each of these is well worth growing as reliably flowering species. Echinocactus texensis may be more familiar to many as Homalocephala texensis, a small barrel cactus with pink flowers carried whilst still quite young. Very frost hardy provided the roots are dry taking temperatures down to 18 Deg C.

Shown flowering whilst still quite small, a characteristic of this Echinocactus.

The two prickly pears are quite large species, but also very dependable in terms of producing flowers provided they have had a cool winter rest.

Opunita tomentosa, in the Jardin Exotique, Monaco.

Look out for these species and others we are trying to acquire over the next few weeks.

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