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Growing Honey Myrtle and Tea Trees from Seed

The seed for these plants is fine and dust like.  It is extremely difficult to count, but you will have at least double the quoted quantity.  In order to get as many seeds out of the pack and onto the compost try this:

Mix a quantity of very dry silver sand in with the seed in its pack.  Shake the pack well to distribute the seeds and to remove as many as possible from the sides of the pack.

Sow the seeds (and sand mix) on the top of a mix of sand and good quality compost (3:1) and water (spraying is best) with a dilute fungicide solution (Chinosol or a copper based compound).  Seal in a plastic bag and place somewhere warm and light (20 – 30 Deg C).

Germination given ideal conditions as listed above should take 5 – 21 days, perhaps a little longer.  Bear in mind that the seedlings are tiny and need a close environment to stop them from drying out, so keep the bag/propagator sealed until you are ready to transplant them.

Once they are large enough, transfer the seedlings to a pot of open gritty compost and grow on in cooler conditions.  Until the plants are ready to be planted out, they need protection from frost.

The plants are fairly fast growing and should flower in the second or third summer. 

The plants are hardy to moderate frost.  More severe frost may damage the foliage, but the plants will soon recover if the period of severe frost is not overly long.