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Growing Moringa from seed


  1. Plant the seeds singly, about ¾ inch beneath the soil surface. Sandy loamy soils will work well also. Use a pot that is at least 18 inches deep if this is the final home for the tree.  Moringa loves the sun so make sure they get plenty. Although the tree is drought tolerant, they may be watered daily, just don’t allow the roots to get soaked for extended periods of time.  If you live in a particularly hot zone, don’t expose the young plants to all day sun. Keep and eye on them, they will tell you if they are getting distressed from too much sun, water or lack of food.
  2.  It is a good idea to use pots to get the trees started since you have more control over the care of the tree.  It is recommended that you let the potted plants grow at least 8 weeks or longer before transplanting if the pot that they are growing in is not the final one.  When transplanting try not to disturb the root system at all. Like many plants the roots are very vulnerable until they are established.
  3. These plants grow fast and any attempts to curb growth must be done early on by restricting root development (under potting), if you let it grow, it will just keep going.  Growth rates of 3 metres in the first year are not uncommon – in fact it is a built in survival mechanism for the seedlings in the competition for light in the jungle.
  4. Moringa oelifolia may well flower and fruit in its first year from seed, if sown early enough and grown well enough.