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Zone Hardiness Ratings

In many of my listings, both here and on eBay you will see reference to Zones.  This is a system of rating a particular area based upon the lowest lows and highest highs recorded over a period of many years.  It now seems to be accepted the world over as a measure as to what can be grown where.  There are of course exceptions and factors such as aspect and other micro-climatic features will play a part such as distance from the coast. Most of all it is a system founded on continental weather patterns so may not exactly reflect a maritime climate like that experienced in the United Kingdom.

Various maps are included here as links to help you decide your particular Zone.  If you live outside of the Zone that a plant needs, all is not lost as it may well grow as a container specimen only needing to be brought in during the worst of the weather.

Region or Country
Zone Hardiness Map
 United Kingdom
Full Map
 Europe Full Map
 USA Large Simplified Map