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Offer # 12 South African Bulbs and Tubers - 10 Packs of Seed
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Offer # 12 South African Bulbs and Tubers - 10 Packs of Seed


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10 Packs of Seed

From a variety of bulbous plants that originate from South Africa. Remember this offer is for seeds which will grow into bulbs/tubers - not the bulbs themselves.

The varieties are:

  1. Agapanthus campanulata - Bell Agapanthus
  2. Albuca maxima -Tamarakka
  3. Eucomis autumnalis - Pineapple Lily
  4. Gladiolus splendens - Sword Lily
  5. Kniphofia northiae - Red Hot Poker
  6. Kniphofia tysonii - Giant Red Hot Poker
  7. Lachenalia carnosa - Cape Hyacinth
  8. Lachenalia namaquensis - Cape Hyacinth
  9. Lachenalia violacea - Cape Hyacinth
  10. Zantedeschia aethiopica - Arum Lily

1 pack of 5 seeds of each variety.

All are easy to grow, most are easy to flower. Some types may flower within 4 years of being sown. All are interesting and unusual types.

This is a quick and easy way to start a collection of these fascinating plants and represents an excellent saving over individual purchases. Please note this is for SEEDS of these plants not the bulbs/tubers

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