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Acacia cultriformis - Knife Leaf Wattle - 25 Fresh Seeds
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Acacia cultriformis - Knife Leaf Wattle - 25 Fresh Seeds


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Acacia cultriformis - Knife Leaf Wattle

This listing is for 25 seeds of this Australian native tree.

Acacia cultriformis, known as the knife-leaf wattle, dogtooth wattle, half-moon wattle or golden-glow wattle, is a perennial tree or shrub of the genus Acacia native to Australia. It is widely cultivated, and has been found to have naturalised in Asia, Africa, North America, New Zealand and South America. A. cultriformis grows to a height of about 4 m (13 ft) and has triangle-shaped phyllodes (leaves). The yellow flowers appear from August to November in its natural range (Likely to flower May to June in the Northern Hemisphere). Its attractive foliage and bright flowers make it a popular garden plant.

Acacia cultriformis is a woody shrub with an upright or spreading habit that grows to 4 m (13 ft) in height. Branchlets may be bare and smooth or covered with a white bloom. The mature trees do not have true leaves but have phyllodes that are crowded along the stems. The green to green-grey phyllodes are asymmetrical, with one leaf margin angled so the overall shape is triangular. They are 1–3 cm long by 0.6–1.5 cm wide. Flowering takes in early summer, and can be prolific on upper parts of the plant.The rounded inflorescences are bright yellow and occur in groups of 2 to 25 in axillary 1–8 cm-long racemes. The later developing pods are straight or slightly curved, 3 to 10 cm long and 0.4 to 0.75 cm wide. They are flattish, with raised segments over the seeds. The oblong seeds themselves are 3.5 to 4.5 mm long, black and shiny.

Its bright flowers and attractive leaves make Acacia cultriformis one of the most popular wattles in cultivation. Adaptable to the garden, it is grown in a wide range of soils and can tolerate frosts. It grows in sun or part shade. Drought tolerant, it can be used to combat soil erosion.
A. cultriformis is used as cut flowers. The flowers are edible and they are an ingredient used in some fritters. Yellow dye is extracted from the flowers and green dye is extracted from the seed pods.

It can be grown in many garden settings and is hardy in Zones 7 - 11, making it suitable for many temperate gardens.

Full instructions can be found here.

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