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Adenanthera pavonia - Red Sandalwood Tree - Indoor Bonsai - 5 Fresh Seeds
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Adenanthera pavonia - Red Sandalwood Tree - Indoor Bonsai - 5 Fresh Seeds


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Adenanthera pavonia - Red Sandalwood Tree - Indoor Bonsai - 5 Fresh Seeds

Adenanthera pavonia - Red Sandalwood

This listing is for 5 seeds of this beautiful and useful flowering tree/shrub from Asia.

Back in stock now after being out of stock for almost three years is this easy to grow member of the pea family. It has a whole host of common names including Red Lucky Seed, Acacia Coral, Arbre À Église, Bead Tree, Circassian Seed, Corail Végétale, Coral Wood, Coralitos, Curly Bean, Deleite, Delicia, Dilmawi, Graine-réglisse, Jumbi-Bead, L'Église, Peronías, Peonía, Peonía Extranjera, Red Bead Tree, Red Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood Tree, and Réglisse. Barbados pride, Peacock flower fence, Sandalwood tree, Saga, and Manchadi are additional common names.

Adenanthera pavonina seeds have long been a symbol of love in China, and its name in Chinese is xiang si dou (Chinese: 相思豆), or "mutual love bean". The beauty of the seeds has led to them being used as beads for jewellery. In India, the seeds have been used as units of weight for fine measures, of gold for instance, throughout recorded history because the seeds are known to be almost identical weights to each other. Indeed, the Malay name for the tree, saga, has been traced to the Arabic for 'goldsmith'. The small, yellowish flower grows in dense drooping rat-tail flower heads, almost like catkins. The curved hanging pods, with a bulge opposite each seed, split open into two twisted halves to reveal the hard, scarlet seeds. This tree is used for making soap and a red dye can be obtained from the wood. The wood, which is extremely hard, is also used in boat-building, making furniture and for firewood.

The tree is fast-growing, with an attractive, spreading canopy that makes it suitable as a shade tree, and for ornamental purposes in large gardens or parks. However, it is also known for producing lots of litter in the form of leaves, twigs and especially seed pods which crack open while still on the branch, so releasing their seeds, before themselves falling to the ground.

Easy to germinate and grow, the plants are hardy in Zone 9b and up, elsewhere grow as container plants indoors or to go outside when the weather is suitable. They make an excellent bonsai specimen and as they are grown from seed, full control over shape and style can be achieved. Full seed raising instructions can be found here.

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