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Adonidia merrillii - The Christmas Palm - 10 Large Fresh Seeds
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Adonidia merrillii - The Christmas Palm - 10 Large Fresh Seeds


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Adonidia merrillii - The Christmas Palm

This is a listing for 10 large seeds of this palm tree.

Adonidia merillii, known as the Christmas Palm or Manila Palm, is native to the Phillipines and Sabah (Malaysia). It is called the Christmas Palm as its fruits are bright red when ripe and this happens in December. The trunk is smooth and tapering like a narrow bottle and the leaves have very densely packed fronds which look like they overlap in the centre. It is relatively quick to produce a reasonable sized specimen and is probably one to the best natured palms in cultivation, being unfussy about most aspects of its care.

An easy to grow palm and it is the one most often seen in shopping centres and malls as it is very amenable to being grown indoors in less than optimal light. It is one of the most suitable palms for growing as a houseplant and is often sold in groups of three especially for this purpose. It can go outdoors during the summer months in areas that are subject to winter frost and be brought in before the start of any bad weather.

The seeds will sprout in 1 - 3 months (quick for a palm) and full instructions can be found at the following link.

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