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Adansonia digitata - African Baobab Tree
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Adansonia digitata - African Baobab Tree


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Packet of 5 fresh seeds.

The African Baobab is a fascinating plant with a myriad of common names. Upside Down Tree - due to the way it's thickened, sparsely leaved branches look like roots. Monkey Bread - Due to the edible coating of the seeds which many animals find irresistible. The Tree of Life - referring to it's ability to grow and thrive in conditions that no other tree could, a name immortalised by Disney in The Lion King.

Easy to grow and care for, these plants will make fascinating specimens wherever they are grown. Although not particularly noted for their flowers, these are large, showy and scented. They are followed by large fruits, rich in vitamin C.

They are not hardy so will have to be treated as house plants, although they can be placed outside in summer to take advantage of the extra light. Baobab's are known to live for 100's of years, with some known to be over 1000 years old. Initially fast from seed (see image), they form a swollen trunk in the second year onwards. Later growth is somewhat slower.

These make ideal specimens for Bonsai as they are naturally slow growing and have an almost alien look about them.

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