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Elaeis guineensis - The African Oil Palm
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Elaeis guineensis - The African Oil Palm


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Pack of 5 large seeds of this easy to grow palm.

A medium sized palm, originally from West Africa (as the common name suggests), this is now widely grown throughout the tropics due to it's importance as a source of palm oil. As palm species go, this is commercially the third most important rating just behind the Coconut and Date Palms. Two types of oil are produced, palm oil, pressed from the fleshy covering of the seed and palm kernel oil, pressed from the seeds themselves.The plant is single stemmed and never produces offsets, so the only propagation method is by seed. Growing to 20 metres tall when fully grown, initial growth is quite fast (10 year plants produce around 30 leaves per year), but this will slow down eventually. The flowers are borne in clusters and are quite small and insignificant. The fruit takes around 6 - 9 months to ripen and the clusters can weigh up to 50 Kgs.

Hardy to Zone 10, this is suitable for pot culture in most locations and can be grown outside in the warmer weather. Most suitable as a houseplant as it will tolerate high levels of neglect. Treat it well, however, and it will reward this with lush growth and a willingness to flower rarely seen in palms grown in the house.

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