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Afzelia quanzensis - Beautiful Pod Mahogany
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Afzelia quanzensis - Beautiful Pod Mahogany


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Packet of 5 very large and decorative seeds.

A medium to large tree from Southern Africa (a population also exists isolated in Somalia), this deep rooted tree grows up to 35 metres tall, with a spreading crown. It is related to the Bauhinia's (Orchid Trees) and shares the large showy flowers of this group. The flowers have green and bronze/red petals and are sweetly scented. These are followed by large woody pods containing up to 10 seeds with their characteristic orange/red arils. Highly sought after for use in jewellery, the seeds are extremely hard and need pre-treatment in order to speed up germination (instructions enclosed).

The wood of this tree is very hard and resistant to attack by boring insects, so it is used for fences and railway sleepers in South Africa. Parts of the plant are also used in traditional herbal medicine either as cures for a range of ailments or to ward off bad luck.

Easy to grow, they are hardy to Zone 10, so only suitable in temperate regions for pot culture. Despite being deeply rooted in the wild, they can still be used as bonsai specimens, provided tall pots are used. Quick to establish, they may flower in as little as 7 years from seed (if growth is restricted - open grown plants may take 10 years or more).

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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