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Agave mixed species

Agave mixed species


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One pack of 25 fresh seeds

The agave is a group of desert plants that form a rosette of leaves ranging from a few centimetres across to 3 metres or more.  They can be singular or clump forming, but all rosettes are monocarpic (flowering once only).  This mixture is drawn from over 90 species, sub-species and varieties and covers the full range of growth patterns.

As a group the Agaves are known as Century Plants, due to the mistaken belief that they take 100 years before they flower. The species in this mix will flower after around 12 - 40 years, the plant then puts all of its energy into this and subsequent seed production. Shortly after this the plant will die, but it may form offsets at this point, which can be grown on.

It is very easy to germinate and grow on. Many types will prove to be hardy in parts of the UK, providing it can be kept dry during the coldest weather - instructions will be sent for outdoor growing.

Full growing instructions can be found here:

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