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Agave stricta var rubra  - Red Hedgehog Agave

Agave stricta var rubra - Red Hedgehog Agave


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Packet  25 seeds of this attractive Agave.

This is the red variety of this Agave, considered by many to be more desirable than the type.

A medium sized Agave from Pueblo region of Mexico, similar in shape and form to the Narrow-Leaved Agave (Agave striata). The primary difference to casual observation is that this species has a terminal spine (rather than a dried up leaf tip).

The rosettes cluster with age and individual heads form a globe shaped plant of about 90 cm all round. It is reasonably hardy, both in terms of drought tolerance and cold tolerance. It can take moderate 'freezes' provided it is dry at the roots and the 'neck' of the plant. 

As a group the Agaves are known as Century Plants, due to the mistaken belief that they take 100 years before they flower. This species will flower after around 15 - 20 years. The flowering stem grows to 4 metres in height and unlike many Agaves it is unbranched. The plant then puts all of its energy into this and subsequent seed production. Shortly after this the plant will die, but produces 10's if not 100's of thousands of seeds per plant. This plant will produce offsets and bulbils from the flowering stems.

It is widely used in ornamental plantings in sub-tropical and borderline areas and this may prove to be hardy in parts of the UK, providing it can be kept dry during the coldest weather.

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