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Aloe alooides- Grasskop Aloe
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Aloe alooides- Grasskop Aloe


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Pack of 5 seeds.

This is a large and distinctive Aloe from the mountainous areas of South Africa. Growing up to 2 metres tall or perhaps a bit more, it gets it's common name from the Afrikaans for Grass Head, recalling the look of the crown of the plant which looks like a grassy tussock. The plant is found on soils with a high proportion of limestone and any soil mix in cultivation should reflect this fact. The leaves are edged with distinctive red teeth and the older leaves are generally not shed. Flowering occurs in summer, although in the Northern hemisphere this may happen towards the latter half of the summer and into the autumn as is the case with many Aloes. The flowers are borne on large spikes and are yellow in colour. The flowers may be followed by seed pods where pollination has occurred .

The plant may flower in 7 years from seed in it's natural state, but in the far better conditions it will find in cultivation, this is likely to happen much more quickly. It is not reliably hardy so should be grown in a pot and brought in during cold weather or grown as a greenhouse specimen or houseplant.

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