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Dierama igneum - Angel's Fishing Rod

Dierama igneum - Angel's Fishing Rod


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Packet of 5 seeds.

One of the rarer members of the iris family, this is a beautiful species coming from the summer rainfall area of South Africa. The common name gives reference to the gracefully arching flowering stems that resemble fishing rods. When out of flower the plant is still quite striking with its narrow, sword-like leaves giving it the look of an ornamental grass .

Easily cultivated, it flowers in the summer and requires a drier dormant period from late autumn through to the following spring. Unlike gladiolus which can be lifted, Dierama corms never truly go dormant and they will quickly dry out and die if lifted and stored without soil. Better then to grow them in pots, sunk into the garden and then to lift the whole pot and store it in a dry-ish location for the winter months, where protection from the extremes of the weather can be provided. Alternatively grow in a well drained sheltered location, giving some overhead protection will also help.

This species is ideal for an alpine bed, where protection from winter rains can be provided. Otherwise it can be grown in an alpine house where overhead protection is inherent in the structure enabling the plant to thrive. It may also be grown in an open potting mixture in pots and containers . Not overly hardy, it is not likely to respond well to soil temperatures below - 5 Deg C. Quick and easy from seed, this may flower in the third year from seed.

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