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Annona cherimola - Custard Apple - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Annona cherimola - Custard Apple - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Annona cherimola - Custard Apple - 10 Fresh Seeds

Annona cherimola - Custard Apple

This is a listing for pack of 10 seeds of this fruiting tree.

Originating in South America, in the foothills of the Andes, this a cool climate fruiting tree. It grows up to 5 metres tall, but most specimens are shorter than this. It has glossy green elliptical leaves, that for the most part are evergreen unless the temperatures get really cool in which case it is briefly deciduous. The flowers are produced at any time of year, are greenish yellow and said to have a fruity scent. The resultant fruits are up to 15 cm across and contain hard black inedible seeds encased in a sweet, creamy textured pulp, which is where the common name comes from. Generally considered the best fruit of the group, this is related to other similar fruit such as the Sweetsop, Sugar Apple and Soursop.

Can be pot grown and will make an interesting houseplant. It responds to pruning so could be used as a subject for bonsai culture. Flowering is possible on indoor grown plants, the flowers will need to be hand pollinated to ensure any fruit sets. Outdoors, it will grow well in Zone 9 and 10, provided plenty of water is available.

Full instructions can be found by following this link. They will also respond well to pre-treatment with a salt-petre soak.

Variety Annona
Type Seeds
Sub-Type House Plants

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