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Ariocarpus mixed species - Living Rock Cactus

Ariocarpus mixed species - Living Rock Cactus


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Pack of 10 seeds.

This is an extremely rare and desirable group of cactus. Never particularly common, they have been over collected almost to the point of extinction in the wild. Early specimens of this group of cactus changed hands for small fortunes (well quite large ones in the 19th Century) and at least one specimen was rewarded with an equivalent weight in gold. Today you can expect to pay anything up to 20 GBP for a small specimen, considerably more for a larger one - so why not grow your own!

Slow growing, but flowering whilst still very small. They have a turnip like root, meaning they require quite a deep pot for a cactus. Almost invisible in habit due their resemblance to the rock amongst which they grow, this has not saved them from hungry goats or greedy collectors.

This seed has been harvested from cultivated specimens that have been hand pollinated so the wild populations of these beautiful plants have not been affected and their heritage is assured.

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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