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Arisaema concinnum - Chinese Cobra Lily - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Arisaema concinnum - Chinese Cobra Lily - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Arisaema concinnum - Chinese Cobra Lily

This is a listing for 10 seeds of this hardy perennial member of the arum family.

This species is known as the Chinese Cobra Lily. It produces a single flower up to 1 metre tall (including the stem) and it is fanciful similarity to a striking cobra that gives the group its common name. The highly variable flower is deep maroon purple with contrasting pale cream vertical stripes or it is greenish with cream stripes and can be all shades in between, the spathe ends in a long whip-like point (leading to another common name for the group - the Whip Cord Lily). The spadix as numerous small flowers that open in turn from the base. The single leaf stem has a radiate leaf, with as many as 13 leaflets and it grows up to 1.5 metres tall. It is deciduous, dying back to an underground tuber, which if well mulched, will overwinter in most temperate gardens

The plant comes from the Himalayas, through China, India and Myanmar. It is always found between 1400 - 2200 metres in the wild, meaning it is ideally suited to a temperate climate. Grow it in a moist location, with winter protection from severe freezes (a mulch layer of several cm will suffice) or in pots (large pots it must be said). When you consider that single rhizomes of this species can set you back 7 or 8 times the price of a pack of 10 seeds, this represents an inexpensive way of getting a large number of plants.

Germination is straightforward and full instructions can be found by following this link, which provides details of all the Arisaema species we stock. This species is hardy in Zone 6 through 9.

Variety Arisaema
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Perennials

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