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Asclepias curassavica - Scarlet Milkweed - Fresh Seeds
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Asclepias curassavica - Scarlet Milkweed - Fresh Seeds


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Asclepias curassavica - Scarlet Milkweed

Pack of 75 seeds.

The Scarlet Milkweed is a native of Mexico, although it now has a wide tropical range as it has been introduced both by accident and design in many areas.  It grows up to 1 metre tall and has showy scarlet and orange star-shaped flowers in the summer, which are followed by inflated seed pods containing numerous seeds each with a silken parachute.

Relatively quick and easy from seed, this plant will grace any garden, especially where the emphasis is on attracting wildlife as the flowers are very attractive to many types of insects, especially butterflies, producing copious amounts of nectar. Ideally suited to dry areas, it will thrive in such conditions and will spread by means of its underground rhizomes.

An unusual and beautiful addition to any garden.

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