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Asclepias sullivantii - Prairie Milkweed - 20 Fresh Seeds
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Asclepias sullivantii - Prairie Milkweed - 20 Fresh Seeds


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ASCLEPIAS SULLIVANTII - PRAIRIE MILKWEED THIS IS A LISTING FOR A PACK OF 20 SEEDS. This milkweed comes fromthe central states of t is 2-3' tall and unbranched. The stout centralstem is light green and smooth. The thick opposite leaves are up to 6"long and 3" across. They are broadly oblong, with smooth margins, andhairless. At the base, the leaves are sessile or have short petioles.The central vein of each leaf is pinkish or reddish.1-3 short-stalked umbels of pink flowers emerge from the axils of theupper leaves at the apex of the plant, containing up to 20 flowerseach. Each flower is almost " across, with 5 strongly reflexed petalsthat are pink, but whitish near the base. There are also 5 erect pinkhoods surrounding a central column that is white. The rather largebuds, from which the flowers emerge, are initially green, but becomepink. The blooming period is during early to mid-summer and lastsabout a month. Afterwards, smooth green follicles develop that are upto 4" long and 1" across. The upper half of a follicle may contain afew soft prickles, but to a much lesser degree than Asclepias syriaca(Common Milkweed). When mature, a follicle splits along one side andreleases the seeds. Each seed has a large tuft of white hairs, and canbe dispersed a considerable distance by the wind. The root system isfleshy and rhizomatous, and may occasionally send up vegetativeoffshoots.Hardy in zones 3 to 9, it prefers a moist growing location.Full instructions can be downloaded from my website, details of whichare on my 'Me' page

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