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Astrophytum Mixed Hybrids - Unusual Cactus - 25 Fresh Seeds
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Astrophytum Mixed Hybrids - Unusual Cactus - 25 Fresh Seeds


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Astrophytum Hybrids - Cactus - Seeds

This listing is for a pack of 25 seeds.

This is a mixture of Astrophytum cultivar and hybrid seeds. It contains a full range of varieties of these unusual cactus. The commonest types within the mix will be hybrids of Astrophytum asterias (The Sand Dollar Cactus) and Astrophytum myriostigma (The Bishops Mitre Cactus). The parent plants include such gems as 'Onzuka' and many of the 'Kabuto' series. Distinctive due to their markings which are normally variations of those found on the parent species, these are grown for their form and flowers.? The more outlandish the markings and form, the more valuable the plant.? Most of these hybrids originate from growers in Japan where there is a huge market for these cultivars.

Slow growing, but flowering whilst still very small. Most have beautiful yellow flowers (although many 'Onzuka' derivatives have pink flowers), which have a warm lemon scent when the weather is particularly hot (almost un-noticeable in cooler weather). The seed germinates very rapidly, perhaps in as little as 2 days. They can take many years to grow to large dimensions, but may flower after 3 or 4 years.

Easy to germinate and grow on.

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  1. Better than expected

    Posted by Steve Craig 3 years ago

    I'm an experienced grower of Astrophytums, their hybrids and cultivars. I bought these seeds really out of curiosity, not expecting much for the money. Was I surprised! Germination was around 80% and the variety of plants was quite amazing. Assuming that the packets that I received were typical, you can buy these seeds with the confidence that you will have a good mix of plants to start, or add to, your collection.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1