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Azadirachta indica - Neem Tree
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Azadirachta indica - Neem Tree


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Pack of 10 fresh seeds.

The Neem tree is a very versatile tree originating from India, although it is now widely grown throughout the tropics.  Evergreen or deciduous (this is temperature and moisture dependant), this tree is very tolerant of wide range of growing conditions.  It has an extensive (possibly invasive) root system, capable of seeking out groundwater, allowing the tree to go for many months without surface water. It is an extremely drought tolerant species, surviving unscathed by periods of drought exceeding 7 months.  Growth is ideal when more water is given.

It grows to 15 metres tall, with a similar spread.  The tree is fast growing and oftern used as a shade tree for other crops.  It bears panicles of sweetly scented small flowers which have white petals flushed with pink/lilac.  The flower also has a distintive purple tubular calyx.  The fruit is borne in clusters and ripens to a yellow colour.  These are often eaten by birds and the seeds then germinate where they drop.

The seeds and the leaves are the source of a very potent insecticide which is ideal where organic methods are preferred or indeed required.  Neem oil, derived from the kernels, has an antiseptic and anti-fungicidal action as well as insecticidal, making it ideal for use when sowing seeds that are sensitive to chemicals.  The leaves will ward of insects (acting as a repellant in a similar fashion to DEET), they can also be seeped in water for a few hours and the resultant decoction can be used to spray plants to kill insect pests. All parts of the tree are used in traditional medicine for various ailments

Often considered a difficult to germinate species, this is not the case if the instructions provided with each purchase is followed.  Neem seeds can be sold either with a full moisture content (short shelf life, fast germination) or a low moisture content (long shelf life, slower germination).  Either can be provided, please let me know at checkout if you have a preference.  Instructions to germinate both types will be provided and the type will be indicated on the packet.

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