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Agave attenuata - Foxtail Agave

Agave attenuata - Foxtail Agave


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Pack of 5 seeds of this hardy Agave.

A medium sized Agave and one of the unarmed species, it finds favour in ornamental plantings due to this fact. It originates from the high plateau areas of central Mexico and is reasonably cold hardy. It is comparatively rare in the wild, but it is very common in cultivation.

It has sap green coloured leaves that have no spines at all. The leaf ends will often fray as they age. The rosette gets to 1.5 metres across and the lower leaves fall in this species, leaving behind a bare stem which can get to 60 cm long.

As a group the Agaves are known as Century Plants, due to the mistaken belief that they take 100 years before they flower. This species will flower after around 12 - 17 years. The flower stem grows to 5 metres in length, but bends through almost 180 degrees so that the actual height rarely exceeds 3 metres. The plant then puts all of its energy into this and subsequent seed production. Shortly after this the plant will die, but produces 10's if not 100's of thousands of seeds per plant. This plant will produce offsets and bulbils from the flowering stems.

This may prove to be hardy in parts of the UK, providing it can be kept dry during the coldest weather.

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