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Agave bovicornuta - Cow Horn Agave

Agave bovicornuta - Cow Horn Agave


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Pack of  5 seeds of this uniquely beautiful Agave.

A beautiful medium sized Agave from northern Mexico, growing in rocky outcrops at altitudes of 3000 to 6000 feet. It is reasonably hardy (mine stays in an unheated polythene tunnel in the winter, but spends Spring - Autumn outside in its pot) and has been grown easily in places where dips to - 12 Deg C are known.

With its bright green leaves and contrasting horny ridge of spines on the leaf margins, this is grows at a medium rate as a loose rosette up to 1.5 metres across. The leaf margins are fiercely armed and will tear through clothing with consummate ease, almost in the manner of a living 'chain saw'. The leaves retain the impression of the other leaves on their surface throughout their life in a most attractive fashion.

As a group the Agaves are known as Century Plants, due to the mistaken belief that they take 100 years before they flower. This species will flower after around 12 - 17 years. The flower stem grows to 6 - 8 metres in about 10 months or so. The flowers are yellow and produced in huge numbers. The plant then puts all of its energy into this and subsequent seed production. Shortly after this the plant will die, but produces 10's if not 100's of thousands of seeds per plant. Seed is the only propagation method as the plant produces no offsets, suckers or bulbils.

This may prove to be hardy in parts of the UK, providing it can be kept dry during the coldest weather. 

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