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Chorizema ilicifolium - Holly Flame Pea

Chorizema ilicifolium - Holly Flame Pea


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Packet of 8 seeds.

Another beautiful flowering pea from southern coastal area of Western Australia, this gets both its common and Latin names from the shape of the leaves which look like holly. Very easy from seed, it has vigorous growth. Normally a short lived perennial, but it will live much longer if subjected to regular pruning. The flowers are a very beautiful orange/pink with a contrasting splash of gold in the centre, borne in clusters. This will make a welcome, rapid growing addition to any garden.

This is small low growing plant which will grow to be about 0.5 to 1 metre tall,with a spread of up to 2 metres. Hardy to Zone 8/9, it will tolerate light frost, but will need some protection in areas where moderate to severe frosts are the norm.

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