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Aloe pluridens - The French Aloe
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Aloe pluridens - The French Aloe


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Pack of 5 seeds.

A tall Aloe, up to 6 metres tall, found in the coastal belt from the Eastern Cape, to KwaZulu Natal. The Latin name is derived from the from the fact that the edges of the leaves are covered in numerous teeth. The inflorescences are often branched and have numerous orange/red flowers that Sunbird's and other nectar eating birds find irresistible. One unusual feature of the plant is the sap, which smells very strongly of rhubarb.Another very beautiful Aloe, both in it's form and the flowers. I have had specimens from seed to flower in 4 years, these being given lots of space to develop.

Very easy from seed, as with most Aloe's provided that the seed is fresh. It can be sown during the summer or autumn for best results - it should be kept growing throughout its first winter.

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