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Erythrina indica - Indian Coral Tree
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Erythrina indica - Indian Coral Tree


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Packet of 5 seeds.

Also known as Erythrina variegata, this is a native of India, South East Asia and Australia, this is also locally called the Tiger Claw. This is a truly superb flowering tree/shrub. This will grow into a 15 metre tall tree, with a spread of up to 12 metres, although pot culture will severely restrict its eventual size. The bark is covered with short, cone shaped prickles. The leaves have 3 segments. These are preceded by spectacular scarlet flowers in Spring, which in the wild attract birds. The flowers are followed by seed pods containing red seeds, which are used as jewellery.

Hardy to Zone 10/11 only, so use as a spectacular house/conservatory plant. Would also do well planted out in a greenhouse border, provided the greenhouse is kept frost-free. In addition, like all Coral Trees, it can be turned into a stunning indoor Bonsai.


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