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Gladiolus floribundus - White Gladiolus
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Gladiolus floribundus - White Gladiolus


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Pack of 5 seeds of this fairly hardy bulbous plant.

Another species with a fairly widespread distribution, being found in wide range of soil types in the North Western Cape area. A short growing species never getting much above 45 cm tall. A winter/spring flowering species that can be brought into flower in just two seasons if well grown.

Up to eight heavily scented creamy white flowers are borne on horizontal spikes. Each flower has a darker stripe on each of the petals.

Easy from seed, it can be sown at most times of the year, but in the Northern Hemisphere, a late summer sowing under glass will yield the best results. As with all Gladioli, it will produce numerous offsets when the corms are mature. These can be used to further increase your stock.

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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