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Tritonia karooica - Blazing Star

Tritonia karooica - Blazing Star


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Packet of 5 seeds.

This is a fairly hardy bulb from South Africa. The strap like leaves appear from the corms in the Winter and the flowers appear in Spring. The flowers have an almost hand-painted look to them and are highly variable in colour, ranging from deep salmon orange to a very pale, almost washed out, tangerine colour. Each of the lower petals has a blaze of yellow and the contrasting darer veins on all of the petals are more distinct on the paler flowered strains. The flowers are scented at night, which is quite unusual given the clearly visual nature of the blooms (from the pollinator's perspective).

A member of the crocus family, it is hardy down to around - 7 C, so would need some form of protection in areas subject to temperatures lower than this. Short growing, perhaps as tall as 20 cm when in flower, this makes a charming addition to any garden or collection of bulbs.

Quick and easy from seed it may flower in it's 3rd year. Rapidly dividing it will quickly cover a large area and the offset corms can be used for propagation.

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