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Blossfeldia liliputiana - Worlds Smallest Cactus - Fresh Seeds
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Blossfeldia liliputiana - Worlds Smallest Cactus - Fresh Seeds


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Blossdfeldia liliputiana - Button Cactus

This listing is for a pack of 25 seeds.

This species vies for the position of the smallest cactus in the world, the is only one other contender (Epithelantha micromeris) and having grown both, this one is slightly smaller at just about 1cm in diameter when fully grown. It will form clumps of offsets, all never exceeding more than 1 cm across. It comes from the Argentinian/Bolivian border area and naturally grows in crevices in rocky ground.

It flowers regularly when mature and can reach flowering size in around 2 - 3 years. It will spread quite rapidly to fill a pot with the small round bodies. It flowers in spring after a cool dry resting period, the flowers are produced from the apex of the plant on newer growth. The flowers are white with bright yellow stamens and are around 7 mm across .

Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page and clicking on my store link there.

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