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Combretum hereroense - Brilliant Russet Bushwillow
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Combretum hereroense - Brilliant Russet Bushwillow


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Packet of 5 large winged seeds of this very fast growing ornamental tree.

Widespread across much of Southern Africa, it's range barely extends into South Africa itself. Called the Russet Bushwillow in South Africa, due to the spectacular autumn colours it adopts, it is also know as the Mouse Eared Combretum in Zimbabwe, due the shape and velvet coating on the leaves. Usually a small tree, no more than 3 - 5 metres tall, some specimens have been known to reach 10 metres. Spread is likely to be the same as the eventual height.

The flowers are borne in Spring and are usually scented, they often appear with the new flush of leaves. This has flowers and fruit typical of the Bushwillow family and changes colour spectacularly in the autumn both in terms of its deciduous leaves and the winged fruit that change colour. Could be used as an indoor bonsai tree as it is not as fast growing as some of its relatives. Otherwise it is hardy to Zone 9, so would need winter protection in many areas (such as being grown in a pot in a cold greenhouse). What ever the use it is a charming member of this group of plants

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