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Buddleia asiatica - Bai Bei Feng - 20 Fresh Seeds
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Buddleia asiatica - Bai Bei Feng - 20 Fresh Seeds


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Buddleia asiatica - Bai Bei Feng - 20 Fresh Seeds

Buddleia asiatica - Bai Bei Feng

This listing is for 20 seeds of this South East Asian native..

Buddleja asiatica is a partly tender evergreen shrub endemic to a vast area of the East Indies, and first described by Loureiro in 1790. The shrub can be found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, New Guinea, and the Philippines, growing in open woodland at elevations below 2,800 m either as understorey scrub, or as a small tree. It was introduced to the UK in 1874, and accorded the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 1993. It is easy to grow in a sheltered garden spot where it will withstand most winter weather with very little by way of protection

B. asiatica can grow to 3 metres tall with a similar spread. The leaves are usually narrowly lanceolate to ovoid, < 30="" cm="" long,="" attached="" by="" petioles="" 15="" mm="" long,="" to="" branches="" round="" in="" section.="" the="" very="" sweetly="" scented="" flowers="" are="" usually="" white,="" occasionally="" pale="" violet,="" and="" borne="" in="" late="" winter="" at="" the="" ends="" of="" the="" long,="" lax="" branches="" in="" slender="" panicles,="" the="" size="" of="" which="" can="" vary="" widely="" according="" to="" source.="" like="" other="" buddleia="" species,="" its="" flowers="" are="" visited="" by="" many="" insects="" providing="" them="" with="" a="" source="" of="" much="" needed="" food="" early="" in="" the="" year.="" it="" is="" fully="" hardy="" in="" zones="" 8="" and="" up="" and="" considered="" half="" hardy="" in="" zone="" 6="" and="" 7.="" outside="" of="" these="" areas="" it="" can="" be="" grown="" with="" shelter="" or="" undercover="" as="" a="" container="">

Full instructions can be found here.

Variety Buddleia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Shrubs

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