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Bulbinella elegans - Cat's Tail Lily - Fresh Seeds
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Bulbinella elegans - Cat's Tail Lily - Fresh Seeds


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Bulbinella elegans - Cat's Tail Lily THIS LISTING IS FOR A PACK OF 5 SEEDS. Bulbinella elegans is a yellowflowered hardy bulbous plant that is found in the Cape 'FloralKingdom' area of South Africa. Closely related to the red hot pokers,their thinner flowering spikes have earned them name of Cat's TailLily.Growing up to 1 metre tall or more, the plant has thin, sometimes wiryleaves that are not as succulent as those of the red hot pokers. Theleaves die off from the base, persisting until the whole plant entersits dormant phase. With the reversed seasons in the NorthernHemisphere, the plant will flower in the spring and early summer,going dormant in the height of summer.They are hardy in Zones 7 - 9 and require a dry, free draininglocation in full sun to part shade. From seed they may take a coupleof years to flower, but once they do, the plants will get bigger andbetter with each passing year.Full instructions can be found by visiting my 'About Me' page andclicking on my store link there.

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