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Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm
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Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm


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Pack of 5 seeds

This is the largest of the date palms, only truly rivalled in size by the true date palm, but this species is more massive, even where the two are the same height. The diameter of the trunk sets this palm apart when they are seen together, as well as the different shape to the leaves .

Growing to 20 metres or more tall, this is a large plant. Its growth is moderate and it is easy from seed, providing a plant that can be used as a house/pot plant for many years It will only flower and fruit when quite large (more than 3 metres tall) and the resulting date are edible, but not recommended as they are coarse, fibrous and not overly sweet (to our tastes at least).

A fairly hardy palm and of all the Phoenix species, this is the one most likely to prove to be hardy enough to be grown outdoors in many temperate and borderline areas. Quick and easy to grow from seed by following the enclosed instructions.

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