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Cassia alata - Candle Bush

Cassia alata - Candle Bush


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Pack of 10 seeds.

A smaller, shrub-like member of this widespread Genus, the Candle Bush gets its name from the flower spikes that resemble the flames of large candles. These are followed by pea-like pods containing 7 - 12 seeds.

Originating from South America, this now has a fairly widespread distribution due to introductions. It is a pioneer species, relatively short lived (less than 15 years) and it will quickly establish itself.

Quick growing it will attain a height and spread of around 2 metres. Quick to mature, it may flower in it's second year from seed. Easy as a houseplant or outside in Zone 10a and above (perhaps a little lower with protection), this is a great garden or pot subject where ever it is grown.

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