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Carnegia gigantea - Giant Saguaro Cactus
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Carnegia gigantea - Giant Saguaro Cactus


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25 seeds.

This is a giant amongst cacti and an icon of the Southwestern deserts of the USA. The state plant of Arizona and probably it's most famous plant species outside of the USA. It grows up to 40 feet or more in height and develops arm-like branches as it ages.

One Saguaro can support a whole host of animal species that depend upon it for food, shelter and protection. Elf Owls and Cactus Wrens nest in holes in the giant stems and use the tops as a vantage point from which to spot prey or danger. Bats feed on the copious nectar and pollen produced by its flowers. Javelina and other ground dwelling animals feast on the fallen fruit and seed.

The loss of one of these giants is a loss to an entire ecosystem that depends upon it. It is on the decline, however, over much of its northern range. Successively colder winters and perhaps air pollution are the culprits. Soon this giant may hang on only in the USA on its southernmost borders or as cultivated specimens.

Naturally slow growing, it is unlikely to flower in it's 1st owners lifetime, nevertheless it is a beautiful cactus.

This seed has been harvested from cultivated specimens, so the wild populations of this beautiful plant have not been affected.

Full growing instructions may be viewed here:

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