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Pleiospilos mixed species - Split Rock Plant - 25 Fresh Seeds
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Pleiospilos mixed species - Split Rock Plant - 25 Fresh Seeds


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Pleiospilos mixture - Split Rock Plants

This listing is for 25 seeds of this South African succulent mimicry plant.

Known locally by many names, all of which refer to its method of growth, that seems to mimic the rocks in which it grows, its Latin name, Pleiospilos also is very apt meaning many spots - its leaves are indeed covered with many spots or dots if you like. It is a member of the Mesembryanthemum family, which can be characterised by flowers that generally only open in the full sun. The plant never has more than two pairs of leaves on each body, with new bodies being formed from the rootstock. Ultimately it can form a cluster of many such bodies, but each will only produce one daisy like flower from the cleft in the second pair of leaves. Once the plant has flowered, the seed capsule will form and once this has been shed the plant will produce new leaves (after a cool resting period) to take the place of the older ones that have just flowered. Sometimes the remnants of the old leaves can be seen around the base of the current years growth.

All species are worth a place in a collection of succulents and are among the easiest of the mimicry plants to grow and flower, performing well even if a windowsill is the only place you have to grow them. The clumps will get bigger year on year and can be divided to produce new plants. The final picture shows the difference between Pleiospilos (left) and Lithops (right) with the pairs of leaves quite clearly showing. (This listing does not include the Lithops which are sold separately)

Full instructions can be found here.

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