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Cedrus deodara - Deodara or Himalayan Cedar
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Cedrus deodara - Deodara or Himalayan Cedar


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Pack of 10 seeds

A beautiful tree coming from the Himalayan foothill from altitudes of between 3000 to 6000 feet. The name deodara comes from the Sanskrit and means wood of the gods. It has important religious and medicinal significance in the areas that it comes from and it is worshipped in areas of the Punjab and Kashmir. It is also the national tree of Pakistan. The wood is also used to make incense due to it's strong fragrance.

Thrives on well drained soils, growing up to 100 feet tall with a spread of 35 feet. Hardy to Zone 6, the natural range is reasonably dry, so it does not like overly wet conditions, but it is tolerant of the cold as in habitat temperatures get down to minus 30 Deg Centigrade.

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