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Chamaedorea metallica - The Metallic Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Chamaedorea metallica - The Metallic Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Chamaedorea metallica - The Metallic Palm - 10 Fresh Seeds

Chamaedorea metallica - Metallic Palm

This is a listing for a pack of 10 seeds.

This palm comes from the Caribbean coastal forests of Southern Mexico and, like most Chamaedorea species, is an understory plant of wet rainforest. It has deep green leaves with undivided fronds which have a lustrous, almost metallic, sheen to them which is quite striking. It will grow slowly on a single stem up to a height of 3 metres or so. It is one of the few of its Genus that looks better always when grown singly. Probably the most beautiful species of what is a very easy to grow group of palms. Rarely offered either as seed or as a plant, there is only a limited supply of this seed.

Hardy to Zone 9 and up, this is suitable for pot culture in most locations and can be grown outside in the warmer weather. Most suitable as a houseplant as it will tolerate high levels of neglect. Treat it well, however, and it will reward this with beautiful coloured leaves and a willingness to flower rarely seen in palms grown in the house.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

Variety Chamaedorea
Type Seeds
Sub-Type House Plants

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