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Clarkia elegans - Elegant Clarkia - 500 Seeds
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Clarkia elegans - Elegant Clarkia - 500 Seeds


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Clarkia elegans - Elegant Clarkia - 500 Seeds

Clarkia elegans - Elegant Clarkia

This listing is for 500 seeds of this delicate annual flower.

Clarkia elegans is a species of wildflower known by the common name elegant clarkia or mountain garland. This plant is endemic to California, where it is found in many woodland habitats. Specifically it is common on the forest floor of many oak woodlands, along with typical understory wildflowers that include Calochortus luteus, Cynoglossum grande and Delphinium variegatum. C. elegans presents a spindly, hairless, waxy stem not exceeding a meter in height and bears occasional narrow leaves. The showy flowers have hairy, fused sepals forming a cup beneath the corolla, and four petals each one to 2.5 centimeters long. The paddle-like petals are a shade of pink to reddish to purple and are slender and diamond-shaped or triangular. There are eight long stamens, the outer four of which have large red anthers. The stigma protrudes from the flower and can be quite large. Flowers of the genus Clarkia are primarily pollinated by specialist bees found in their native habitat.

Like many annuals, it will self seed where happy. The flowers attract all forms of wild-life including bees, butterflies and birds. Deadheading may prolong the flowering periond and tidy up the plant, but some flowers should be allowed to go to seed so that the plant perpetuates via self seeding.

Full instructions for growing all annuals can be found at this link.

Variety Clarkia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Annuals & Biennials

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