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Clarkia pulchella - Deerhorn Clarkia - 500 Fresh Seeds
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Clarkia pulchella - Deerhorn Clarkia - 500 Fresh Seeds


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Clarkia pulchella - Deerhorn Clarkia

This listing is for 500 seeds of this delicate annual flower.

This was the first Clarkia to be discovered and it comes from the Northwest coastal states of the USA and Canada. It is a fast growing annual which carries distinctive pink flowers as little as 90 days after sowing.

Like many annuals, it will self seed where happy. The flowers attract all forms of wild-life including bees, butterflies and birds. Deadheading may prolong the flowering periond and tidy up the plant, but some flowers should be allowed to go to seed so that the plant perpetuates via self seeding.

Full instructions for growing all annuals can be found at this link.

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