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Cleistocactus mixed species - Silver Torch Cactus

Cleistocactus mixed species - Silver Torch Cactus


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25 seeds.

This is a mixture drawn from over 35 species and varieties of Cleistocactus. These will grow into graceful and slender column cactus up to a few metres tall. The name Cleistocactus refers to the structure and nature of the flowers - Cleisto = closed. The flowers either never fully open, or only open into a very narrow tube. Where pollination occurs, the pollinator's are often moths with very long proboscis. The most famous and commonly grown variety is the Silver Torch or Silver Candle cactus - Cleistocactus strausii.

Easy from seed and capable of very fast initial growth, many species will be over 30 cm tall within 3 years, flowering in their 5th to 7th year.

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