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Coccinia grandis - Ivy Gourd - 10 Fresh Seeds
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Coccinia grandis - Ivy Gourd - 10 Fresh Seeds


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Coccinia grandis - Ivy Gourd - 10 Fresh Seeds

Coccinia grandis - Ivy Gourd

This listing is for 10 seeds of this perennial gourd from the south western USA and Mexico.

This is a perennial vine which has ivy like leaves and rambling stems that grow to 3 metres or more. The sweetly smelling white flowers are followed, on female plants, by cucumber like fruits which are edible and all stages. Green fruits are quite tart with firm skin, whereas ripe fruits are a good deal sweeter and with softer skin. As the fruit ripens it turns red from the inside out.

Easy to grow and cultivate, it is hardy in Zones 8 - 11 It is ideal as a greenhouse plant or for growing in a pot. It is quite striking when carrying its bright red gourds.

Full instructions can be found here.

Variety Coccinia
Type Seeds
Sub-Type Tropicals

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