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Livistona nitida - Carnarvon Gorge Palm

Livistona nitida - Carnarvon Gorge Palm


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A native of Queensland, the is a surprisingly hardy palm given its tropical origins. It grows in one location only (as evidenced by the common name). This location is 3000 feet above sea level, which may account for its hardiness. It is a beautiful palm, growing up to 50 feet tall with a 15 foot spread. The leaves are typical of a fan palm

This is a fairly fast growing palm that, if fed and watered well, will quickly grow into a sizable specimen, providing the site (or pot) is well drained. Hardy to - 6 Deg C or perhaps a little lower, this palm is hardy enough to grow in many gardens. Equally at home in a pot or the garden, this palm is suitable for many locations.

Very easy from seed by following the instructions provided with which I have successfully germinated 1000's of palm seeds.

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