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Malcolmia maritima - Virginia Stock - 1000 Seeds
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Malcolmia maritima - Virginia Stock - 1000 Seeds


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Malcolmia maritima - Virginia Stock

This is a listing for 1000 seeds of this free flowering, easy to grow annual.

Malcolmia maritima, Virginia stock is a popular annual garden plant from the family Brassicaceae. A beautiful and profusely flowering annual, it is probably one of the easiest of all plants to grow. Growing to about 6-12 inches tall (15–30 cm), it makes a mass of pink, purple and white fragrant four petalled (cruciform) flowers. It is native in Greece and Albania and may be naturalized elsewhere in Mediterranean Europe where it occurs in maritime sandy habitats and in waste places.

Sow in batches or deadhead frequently to prolong the flowering period.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

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