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Picea pungens - Colorado Blue Spruce
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Picea pungens - Colorado Blue Spruce


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Pack of 15 seeds of this beautiful spruce.

Use this easy to grow tree as a Bonsai or as an extremely hardy specimen tree for outdoors. Also lends itself to pot culture for using on patios etc. It gets its common name from its very striking blue foliage. 

This is a slow to medium growing tree, with older specimens growing faster, perhaps up to 18" per year. Eventually this will grow to be 70 feet tall with a spread of 18 - 20 feet. The nature of this tree particularly lends itself to bonsai culture as it is slow growing and easy to train. It will grow in a wide range of areas, but likes to have moist roots. When grown in deep soil it is particularly wind resistant due to its deep rooting nature. Hardy to Zone 2 - 3 it is a very hardy tree.

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