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Commiphora mollis - Velvet Leaved Corkwood - 5 Seeds
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Commiphora mollis - Velvet Leaved Corkwood - 5 Seeds


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Commiphora mollis - Velvet Leaved Corkwood

This is a listing for pack of 5 seeds of this caudiciform succulent tree

Originating in East Africa, this is a member of the myrrh family and like its relations it produces an aromatic resin. It is a small to medium sized tee with a thickened trunk storing water, making it tolerant to droughts. The tree has velvet covered leaves with wavy margins. The bark gets corky as it ages and often peels off in large flakes. The flowers are reddish and inconspicuous and are followed by a fleshy drupe containing a single seed.

They are reported to be hardy in only light frosts, but given how arid their natural habitat is, I would not want to test this in anything other than a desert area. The make an excellent subject for a natural bonsai, being relatively slow growing and developing a massive trunk as they grow. Grow as a pot plant either to be kept in a greenhouse/conservatory or as a houseplant where it will be a natural indoor bonsai. They can go outside in the summer when the temperatures are above 5 Deg C.

Full instructions can be found by following this link.

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